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Neck Band cool Collar


COOL VEST Cool Collar neck band
Texas Cool Vest's newest item for summer.

Our Texas Cool Vest Neck Band has our phase change material in pack with taper ends for a closer fit. These are superior to every other product. A comfortable 65 degrees will last much longer than the evaporative cooling completion. We are replacing the Blue Neck Band with a Tan Supplex fabric.  Identical to our originals, but are easier to clean and are hypoallerginic

Try our cooling system Neck Bands  After many customer request over the years we now offer smaller lighter systems. Click the Photo and take a look. These wrap around the neck and cool the blood going into your head, The same 65 degree Phase change technology, in a collar wrap. Now available in Tan and Camoulflage

What a Texas Cool Vest� can do for you:

  • Decrease down time, and INCREASE productivity
  • Feel BETTER when you get home
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduce physiological and psychological stresses caused by the heat
  • Phase change cooling packs maintain a comfortable 65� F temperature, and help stabilize your body's core temperature!
  • Cooling packs freeze solid in 20 minutes in plain ice water



NOTE: Orders from outside the United States are subject to additional shipping charges and custom duties.

Fax or e-mail your requests to Texas Cool Vest for further details.
Free Shipping (USPS) to APO and FPO to deployed US Military members

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Texas Cool Vest cool collar with  specially tapered TCV Cool Pack  in specialty colors and fabrics for the US Military


Texas Cool Vest Neck Band specially tapered SPARE TCV Cool Pack




Texas Cool Vest Neck Band and a spare specially tapered SPARE TCV Cool Pack



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