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The Banox Cool Vest Heavy Duty

is our Longest Lasting cool vest.


We offer a personal cooling system that maintains a comfortable 65� F temperature. After using one of our Texas Cool Vests you will be amazed at how cool and comfortable our phase change material will keep you! We are confident that you will love our product.

The Cool Vest Heavy Duty Design Features:

       Adjustable shoulders

       (6) One time adjustable side straps

      Easy on and off zipper front

       (4) Extra Large Cool Packs (Complete Set)

       Extra Large Cool Packs contain 65� Fahrenheit phase change material technology

      Extra Large Cool Packs typically last about 2 � hrs. (These packs are rated at EXTREME CONDITIONS of 120� F conditions or hotter)

      Cool Packs charge in ice water in 20 minutes (Can be charged in Refrigerator, or freezer)

  •  Weights about 8.7 lbs.  (The Cool Vest Heavy Duty with Extra Large Cool Packs in place)
  • 40 & more cooling area

       Twice the ambient insulation

      Made with Banox 3  (Flame Resistant) Material **Read more info below

      Accommodates Standard and Light cooling packs, if desired

       Color and Fabric: Blue Banox Garment Only

  • Twice the ambient insulation


Best suited for

This vest is designed to suit the needs of people working in the most extreme work environments, or where extended duration is required.


Ship yards


Industrial workers



Oil & Gas

Steel Mills

Large process ovens



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Item No. Description Retail Color Quantity Add to Cart

(1) Cool Vest Deluxe complete with (4)  TCV cool packs made from BANOX (flame resistant) Standard Blue garment

$265.00 Blue
CVHD-SG-BB (1) Cool Vest Deluxe BANOX (flame resistant) Standard Blue garment (garment only) $80.00 Blue
CVHD-SPS Cool Vest Deluxe Spare Pack Set complete � 4 pieces (packs only) $200.00 NA

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