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The  Military / Government

Standard Cool Vest

A versatile design for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and other Government agencies!


We offer a personal cooling system that maintains a comfortable 65� F temperature. After using one of our Texas Cool Vests you will be amazed at how cool and comfortable our phase change material will keep you! We are confident that you will love our product.


The Standard Cool Vest Design Features:

  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Easy on and off zipper front
  • (6) Adjustable side straps (One size fits all)
  • Comes with (4) Standard Cool Packs (Complete Set)
  • Standard Cool Packs contain 65� Fahrenheit phase change material technology
  • Standard Cool Packs typically last about 2 � hours* (depending on your personal body, the temperature outside, and the amount of physical exertion you are performing)
  • Cool Packs charge in ice water in 20 minutes (but it takes a bit longer to charge in Refrigerator or freezer )
  • Weights about 4.8 lbs.  (The Standard Adjustable Cool Vest with Standard Cool Packs in place)
  • Accommodates Light cooling packs, if desired
  • Color Choices: Black, White, Blue, Khaki, Tan, Denim, High Visibility, Camouflage & Many Military Styles (Shown BELOW
  •    Fabric: Your Choice of Supplex, Cotton Twill, or Banox fabric (Note: Color choice may determine the type of fabric) 

Best suited for:



Air Force


Marine Corps

Coast Guard

Other Government Agencies

We also provide some of our equipment for Government Security Contractors, Security Consultants, Embassy security. EOD contractors welcome use your "Charles County Crab" for a discount


GSA Contract GS-07F-0497T,


Healthcare Common procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for the Veterans Administration is VA 124 - Vest Cooling

Special Pricing Now Available!

Introducing our New Military Adjustable model!
            Military Adjustable model Features: This unit has adjustable shoulder and side straps to ensure a correct fit from 145 to 275 pounds, thus reducing the numbers needed in supply stocks. Made from the same fabric as BDUs, it can be worn either under or over the BDU blouse. One size fits everyone. 

New Digital patterns:  Multi-Cam,  Desert, Digital Urban, and Digital Green in Milspec Fabrics.  USAF ABU US ARMY ACU, US NAVY Type I & II U.S Marine MARPAT -- Marine Pattern Camouflage -Forest, Desert.

Coming soon�. Neck Bands in all mil spec fabrics.

US Navy Working Uniform (NWU)   Also our 4" adjustable waist band model for all Explosive Disposal, level A&B HAZMAT suits and Chemical Protective Suits (PPE).

Active Duty Military Discount

If you want buy real Texascoolvest and are having trouble convincing your chain of command.  Have your Company Commander or Commanding Officer send us an e-mail and we will send him a sample. Buy one with our 30 day money back guarantee.

The "Military Adjustable" model costs a little more to make, but we are holding the price. Texas Cool Vest in appreciation to the U.S. Military has reduced the cost to all members on active duty. Thanks Guys. Special shipping and priority are given to Military Activities forward deployed outside the U.S.
See details below




GSA Contract GS-07F-0497T



Military Adjustable Special

FREE Shipping to FPO/APO addresses! If you get your outbound mail FREE, then you should not pay for the shipping. Call or e-mail for special quantity discounts.

PRIORITY SHIPPING to the below units:
Priority 01

  • ALL units involved with combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan receive TP-2 airlift priority 02
  • USMC, SPEC-OPS, and all EOD units
  • US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan (relief/replacement personnel 30 days before deployment)
  • U.S. Navy personnel assigned to Squadrons and Ships deployed to the Arabian Gulf
  • U.S. Navy personnel assigned Cruiser Destroyer Group Five and Carrier Air Wing Five, CVW 5 and other units forward deployed to Japan
  • USMC, USAF, and USA units deployed to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE,Turkey and Diego Garcia
  • All Washington State National Guard units
Priority 02
  • Units assigned to Commander Electronic Attack Wing Pacific (COMVAQWINGPAC)
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Units (EODMU)
Priority 03
  • U.S. Navy personnel assigned to Squadrons and Ships preparing for deployment including Type Training I II & III
  • U.S. Navy personnel assigned to Squadrons and Ships deployed to the Mediterranean Sea, USA Europe, and USA Korea
  • USAF Units

    NOTICE TO OCONUS UNITS - Use your APO/FPO Address for your ship to address.
    OUT CONUS  Units, remember when requesting shipping via USPS to please use your APO or FPO address for the ship to address, instead of a local street address. These are the benefits of using the APO/FPO Mailing address: you will get your property quicker. APO/FPO offers faster service (mailing time), is more cost effective, less handling of package, and delivers faster to deployed units during times of crisis. FEDEX, DHL, and UPS air service available to APO/FPO conus point of departure. Refer to Defense Logistics Agency. MILSTRIP Manual, 4000.25-1M.

    Small procurements via government credit card are accepted by We're a veteran-owned small business, contact us via e mail for pricing and availability.

    Order by PN, ship the same day. Our Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code is 3ESC4. DPSC is working on Nato and National Stock Numbers.

    For contracting officers and buyers, please reference FAR 52.212-2 and advice code 2B to insure you get a 65� PCM Texas Cool Vest, not a water evaporative substitute vest. Special discounts also available for Afloat Ships Stores contracts (CAMO's only $160.00) when deployed out CONUS. FREE shipping to APO FPO Address. Call or for special discounts.

    We would like to thank our military customers for their past support. If you have any questions about which model meets your needs, please call the office and discuss it with our staff. Call or e-mail for quantity discounts or military pricing. Have a question, we have the solution.

    NOTE: Other orders from outside the United States are subject to additional shipping charges and custom duties. Fax or e-mail your requests to Texas Cool Vest for further details.

No need for individual sizing, one size fits all.

We have added PayPal as a check out method. You can still use your credit card without a PayPal account. But now you can use your e-bay PayPal account to complete your order or use them to provide a more secure credit card transaction.

We ship free to APO FPO addresses

Click for Larger Image Item No. Description


Color Quantity Add to Cart  

(1) Cool Vest Standard Multicam complete with (4) TCV cool packs



For SW ASIA deployments to Afghanistan. US Army and selected services when deployed in theater

Click for Larger Image Item No. Description


Color Quantity Add to Cart  

(1) Cool Vest Standard USAF ABU complete with (4) TCV cool packs


USAF Airman Battle Uniform

The Air Force plans to phase in the ABU through 2011, ultimately replacing the current woodland battle dress uniform (BDU) and the tan desert combat uniform (DCU). Air Expeditionary Force Rotations 7 and 8, scheduled to deploy between May and July, will be the first to wear it.


(Click Colors for Image)
(1) Cool Vest Standard adjustable with ARMY Digital ACU Camouflage, USMC  MARPAT  Digital Green  and Desert MAARPAT Camouflage , Day Desert Camouflage, or Uplands Green Camouflage garment with (4) TCV cool packs


Mil Spec Fabrics


(1) Cool Vest Standard with garment with (4) TCV cool packs in USMC MARPAT desert


MARPAT Desert Camouflage

Sold to USMC pers only

(1) Cool Vest Standard with garment with (4) TCV cool packs in USMC MARPAT green


MARPAT Green Camouflage

Sold to USMC pers only

(1) Cool Vest Standard with garment with (4) TCV cool packs in US NAVY Working uniforn Type 1


Navy Type 1

Sold to USN personel only


(1) Cool Vest ACU  complete with (4) TCV cool packs  


US Army ACU in proper Mil Spec fabric. Our most popular military vest



(1) Cool Vest Classic complete with (4) TCV cool packs and heavy duty Poly-Cotton Trill Khaki Adjustable garment with 4 inch waist band






NBC Suits


(1) Cool Vest complete with (4) TCV cool packs and heavy duty Poly-Cotton Twill Khaki Adjustable






NBC Suits


(1) Cool Vest Standard High Visibility complete with (4) TCV cool packs. Green. STD-HV with OSHA Green reflective stripes

High Visibility or
Striped are $190.00

Flight line, Road guards Joggers,  

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Cool Vest Spare Pack Set complete � 4 pieces (packs only)


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