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How to Use Your Vest

It's Just this Simple

Step 1
Unpack your vest and inspect it for shipping damage. (We have never had a problem yet,...but)
Step 2
Put the four cool packs in a cool location (in a refrigerator or in ice water for faster activation). The packs start out clear when the liquid PCM material is above 70° F. As the temperature of the chemical inside the cool packs approaches 65° F it changes color. As the PCM material cools it becomes white. After a few minutes in ice water you will see “snow flakes” start to form in the clear solution on the inside surface of the plastic packaging. As all the liquid reaches 65° F the pack will become all white and begin to become solid. As long as there is some white material still in the pack, the temp is 65° F. When the packs are solid white and hard, they are fully charged and ready to use.
Step 3
After the cool packs are charged, you just slip them in the inside vest pockets. Now put on the vest and adjust the shoulder and side straps. The adjustments need to be tight enough to keep the packs close to the skin. After you have the vest on for a few minutes, your skin will not feel the temperature any longer. This is normal and the reason for our 65° F temperature selection. It is the same temperature as the air conditioning in a building. After a couple hours, the packs will turn back to clear and require recharging again. Now enjoy your Texas Cool Vest, it could not be easier.
Step 4
For extended life of the cool packs, we recommend you store them in a cool dark place until the next time you use them. They are rated to last 5 years with normal care.

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